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This year marks the 35 year anniversary of Performance Pattern & Machine Incorporated. Vince Herman and George Munger opened the doors in 1980 and helped create the building blocks for the thriving business that exists today.

A lot of changes have been made to Performance Pattern since it began in 1980. From location changes, additions to the building, to newly updated machines and latest technology, PPM has always tried to keep up with the ever growing demands of customers and industry. One of the biggest change that Performance Pattern and Machine has seen since the 1980’s has been the change in owners, though some may say they don’t look that different than the original owner.

The current owners of Performance Pattern are brothers and Vince’s two sons, Tom and Scott Herman. Tom is President of the company while Scott is Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Though they took over the business in 2009, one could still find Vince working around the shop.

“It’s incredible to see what my sons have accomplished with the business that George and I began,” Vince said. “It’s nice to be able to keep something you build from scratch to be carried on to the next generation.”

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